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I'm stuck with the following scenario: There is a list of items on a page. Each item has a href that redirects it to the needed controller and action, i.e. when the list is populated each item's href is set to /Controller/Action/Parameter. Consequently, this is not a AJAX post, it's just a redirect when clicking on an item in the list (so no onSuccess unfortunately).

The respective controller action then retrieves a response from the repository. Now I need to display the response results in a dialog that pops up over the current page.

I currently implemented a solution with javascript: function ShowDialog(data). This displays the dialog and binds the data.

I have been trying without success to find a way to return a JavaScript result in my controller action that will call ShowDialog. Is this the way to go? Can I call javascript functions like that, returning JavaScript(someScript)?

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You might have better luck making a jQuery AJAX request. Bind a click event to the link, like this:

   $.ajax($(this).attr('href'), {
      success: function(data){
      'datatype': 'html'

This requires your link to have a class myLink, but you can select the link(s) in any way you wish.

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