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How can I use dynamic root route if it depends on... weather, or current time, or whatever?

I thought about two ways: ApplicationController level and Rack redirect.

  • With first solution I will check my dynamic state and redirect to particular page.
  • Second solution is little more native as far as it uses routes level

For example

root :to => proc { |env| [ 302, {'Location'=> some_code }, [] ] }

But what I hope to see is how can I use simple lambda for route option like:

root :to => "mycontroller#myaction", :some_param => proc{ DateTime.now.hour }

It doesn't work but it shows my expectation

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I'm not sure why you'd need to initialize a parameter in the routing table when the same thing could be done in the controller:

params[:some_param] = DateTime.now.hour

You can also do the redirection inside the controller as required instead of leaning so heavily on the routing table using the redirect_to method.

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Actually this is the way I am running now: redirecting in controller. But it changes a url in browser as well and it not looks like something native. I want just to tell Rails in routes: this routes is root at the evening and this one is for morning time :). –  fl00r Apr 28 '11 at 16:50
You could have a controller method that calls one of two different actions depending on the time of day. That would be a lot easier. –  tadman Apr 28 '11 at 21:41

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