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I have a file which has filepaths like "LibraryX/A/Stuff/FileY.txt", which I'm using as includesfile in Ant build. However, I'm in need of removing the "LibraryX/A/" part of the path DURING the copy process: The file gets copied from "LibraryX/A/Stuff/FileY.txt" and lands into "Stuff/FileY.txt". I've looked into few regexpmappers but haven't had any success with them at all. :/

The purpose for this is that the target folder can have custom files in "Stuff/MoreStuff" overwritten, and I want to use the overwrite="false" to keep the disk access into minimum and keeping the custom files intact.


<copy todir="C:/targetdir/" overwrite="false">
    <fileset dir="C:/sourcedir/">
        <includesfile name="C:/targetdir/includes.file" />





Target dir:


Now, all the files in Stuff -folder at sourcedir, should end into the Stuff -folder in targetdir. But how?

Bonus: If I move the files from "targetdir/LibraryX/A/Stuff", they will overwrite everything in the "targetdir/Stuff" folder, even with the overwrite="false". Presumably because they are newer files than the ones in the Stuff folder currently.

Note: I could, of course, move the custom files away from the target directory, copy the stuff over and then move the custom files back, overwriting the new ones. But this accesses the disk quite a lot, slowing down the process.

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Starting with Ant v1.8.2 you can use the cutdirsmapper to strip some number of leading directories from file paths. See the very bottom of the mapper type docs.

<copy todir="C:/targetdir/" overwrite="false">
    <fileset dir="C:/sourcedir/">
        <includesfile name="C:/targetdir/includes.file" />
    <cutdirsmapper dirs="2"/>

Bonus: You could use the touch ant task to make all the files in targetdir newer than all the source files and therefore prevent them from being overwritten.

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This pretty much summed what I needed: cutdirsmapper does exactly the thing and I can use touch for older Ant versions. Thank you! –  crappish May 2 '11 at 10:52
i am using ANT v1.8.2 eventhough i m getting the error like copy doesn't support the nested "cutdirsmapper" element Pls help me out –  picnic4u Mar 8 '12 at 5:20

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