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I'm working with compact framework 2.0 and having issues with some Forms. I have one Form with a Detail button. When you click the Detail button, I dispose the original form and call ShowDialog() on the Details Form. The new form displays but you can still see the original form in the background. I couldn't attach a picture of the issue because I am a new user. It's like a translucent screen, all the controls show up properly but you can still see the controls from the previous screen behind the new controls.

This works fine when running on the desktop via an emulator and this works fine on low resolution devices (240x320), but this issue only occurs on any high resolution device I try it on (480x640).

I've tried suggestions from other users like docking and anchoring, but nothing seems to work. If anyone has any idea why this could be happening, please let me know! I am relatively inexperienced with Forms on mobile devices.

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I figured it out. The tab controls on the page had the Visible property set to false (I have no idea why). Took those out and the screen looks great now.

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