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Sorry for a basic question. But, I need some help.

In CSS, how can I select a div class only when it has a specific child? So, for example:

<div class="specialClass">
   <div id="myDiv"></div>

Let's say I only want to change specialClass' background to red, if it has a child called myDiv.

what_selector? {
      background-color: #FF0000;

Thank you.


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You can't! Selectors go down the document tree.

Also without demerit to @Jeroen, don't use w3schools as a reference. It is known to provide wrong and outdated information.

Check out Sitepoint's CSS Reference for accurate and updated CSS intel.

Maybe if you further explain your goal, we can suggest a solution.

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Hi @Pedro Correia, Thank you for the help. I found a workaround, so I'm all set. Also, thanks for the Sitepoint link. In the past I used w3schools as a reference. –  Laxmidi Sep 1 '11 at 5:19

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