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    rowData = []

    function something () {
    return rowData


Now lets take the Array contains a lot of Objects. So we say that this would return an Array of Objects.

I am just confused a lot. Does this return an Object or Array of Object Or just an Array.

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It returns rowData which is an array. It does not matter what is in the array. An array is an array. –  Felix Kling Apr 28 '11 at 15:40

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[] is an array literal so that function returns an empty Array. In JavaScript, arrays are really objects and they are a little different than traditional arrays.

From Douglas Crockford's JavaScript: The Good Parts

JavaScript provides an object that has some array-like characteristics. It converts array subscripts into strings that are used to make properties.


Unlike most other languages, JavaScript's array length is not an upper bound. If you store an element with a subscript that is greater than or equal to the current length, the length will increase to contain the new element. There is not array bounds error.

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It returns whatever the current value of rowData is.

That variable is initialized as an empty array. It might change by the time the function is called.

An array is a specific type of object.

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It returns an empty array from your function. Please note that the value returned from this function will change if anything changes the rowData symbol in the global scope.

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