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I would like to save/restore window position between program launches. The window could be maximized. This should be saved also. The problem is to save window position when it is maximized (zoomed).

So the details (I don't care about saving, it is quite simple task). I need the way to obtain x,y,width,height of window normal state and flag whether window is maximized. Unfortunately gdk_window_get_size/gdk_window_get_position returns actual window placement.

This issue could be easily solved under Windows using GetWindowPlacement and rcNormalPosition. But I need a solution for Mac OS X Cocoa (at least) or something in pure GTK.

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The Cocoa* solution is described in Saving Window Position in the Window Programming Guide. Have your application delegate do:

[window setFrameAutosaveName:@"MyWindowFrame"];

to make the window save its frame into User Defaults automatically whenever the frame changes. Then on next launch,

[window setFrameUsingName:@"MyWindowFrame"];

The window knows if it is "zoomed" (maximized):

[window isZoomed];

so you can get this flag whenever you like, along with the frame:

// Gives you an NSRect in screen coordinates
[window frame];

According to the docs, isZoomed and zoom check with the window's delegate through windowWillUseStandardFrame:defaultFrame:. I'm not sure how deep into Cocoa you want to go here, but that looks like an option for the situation you mention in your comment. I think a window delegate object can provide a sensible default value for the frame via this method, if the window was created with the zoomed frame.

*and Obj-C, because I don't know C++.

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Unfortunately it does not work when maximized window is closed. In this case it will be loaded as maximized but "plus" button does nothing. I.e. it normal and maximized states have the same placement. –  Sergey Politov Apr 28 '11 at 18:12
@user729666: I see. Added a couple of suggestions. –  Josh Caswell Apr 28 '11 at 20:06

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