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I am trying to count the number of rows and pass that count value to do some logic. Below is the code:

   static public int GetNoImagesofMakeID(int makeID)
    string sql = "Select COUNT(*) from makeImages";
    SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(sql, ConnectionString);
    DataTable dt = new DataTable();
    return Convert.ToInt32(dt.Rows.Count);

  protected void hideUnhideFileUpload(int makeID)

    int count = caravans.GetNoImagesofMakeID(makeID);
    if (count >= 10)
        FileUpload2.Enabled = false;

        FileUpload2.Enabled = true;


I don't know for what reason the count is always 1. I checked the same query on SQL Server and it's working fine. But, here dt.rows.count always return 1.

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Your query is returning one row with one value (the count of rows), so dt.Rows.Count is correctly returning 1 (meaning 1 row returned by your query). Using a datatable, you would find the count returned by your query at dt.Rows[0][0] (row 0 column 0 of your datatable)

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The code is returning the number of rows rather than the result of the COUNT(*). That SQL statement will always just return a single row. Rather than filling a data adapter, you can just run the command:

SqlCommand cmd = someSQLConnection.CreateCommand();
cmd.CommandText = "Select COUNT(*) from makeImages";
return Convert.ToInt32(cmd.ExecuteScalar());
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i was using cmd.ExecuteReader() which was always returning 0 even though i was accessing the result like this, var result = reader.GetOrdinal("NUMBER"); the query was "SELECT COUNT(*) AS NUMBER FROM table", changing this too cmd.ExecuteScalar() fixed the issue, not sure why though. – Simon Oct 16 '12 at 9:38

A count() always returns a row, regardless of how many rows it is counting. a count() is a scalar value. What you need to do is read the value returned in the recordset.

More information about counts in this question: SQL Return code from Select count(*)

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why are you getting table row count, instead the returned value from your count query, as this will return only single row

return Convert.ToInt32(dt.Rows[0][0]);
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