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Is it possible to catch an exception raised within behaviour? Where to place the try/catch? I know that react uses exceptions to reuse the same thread for different actors and that´s why I don´t know where to put the try/catch. I want to catch certain exceptions by myself for logging.

import scala.actors._
def behaviour: PartialFunction[Any,Unit] = {
  case x => 
    throw new IllegalStateException

val a = new Actor {
  def act {
    loop {
      react {
a ! "Bam"
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eThe Actor has a exception handler function which can be overridden:

override def exceptionHandler = {
   case e: Exception =>

Whenever a exception is raised in the actor that would normally cause it to terminate - the exceptionHandler partial function is applied to the exception.


With Exception filter:

  class ExceptionalActor extends Actor{

    def act() {
      loop {
        react {
          case "bad" => throw new NoSuchFieldException("Bad Message")
          case "impossible" => throw new Exception("Impossible Exception")
          case m => println("non-bad message " + m )

    override def exceptionHandler = {
      case e: NoSuchFieldException => println("handled " + e.getMessage() )

  object Tester extends App {
    val eActr = new ExceptionalActor
    eActr start

    eActr ! "any message1"
    eActr ! "bad"
    eActr ! "any message2"
    eActr ! "impossible"
    eActr ! "any message3"


   non-bad message any message1
   handled Bad Message
   non-bad message any message2
   org.scratch.act.ExceptionalActor@7f5663a2: caught java.lang.Exception: Impossible Exception

And actor death.

ref: Actors in Scala

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Cool! That´s exactly what I was looking for. I´m looking forward to see the book available on amazon. Thank you! – Peter Schmitz Apr 29 '11 at 6:50

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