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How to configure IntelliJ IDEA to use Subversion ?

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Depending on what you enabled when you installed IDEA you might also need to enable the "Subversion Integration" in Settings -> Plugins.

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For version 10:

  • Top Menu -> Version Control -> Checkout from Version Control -> Subversion
  • Click the plus button in front of "Repositories"
  • Add your SVN server URL.
  • Click in the newly created repository (enter credentials if needed).
  • Browse to your project root and click the Checkout button.
  • Follow the wizard.

To import something into subversion, do the same thing using the Import Into Version Control menu.


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If you want to configure Subversion with Intellij 9.0.X, I take configure intelliJ to use the system default subversion configuration directory in your desktop/laptop.

All I did was in Settings -> Version Control select Subversion from the drop down. IntelliJ will do the rest to point to your default Subversion directory (be in Win 7, XP for example).

enter image description here

Then like how @Anthony suggested you can add your main subversion URL there or by clicking on Version Control -> Browser Subversion Repository where you can add the URL.

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Useful information. I think IntelliJ picked the svn command from my PATH variable or something like. Setting this option enables a lot of Subversion specific features at Top Menu > Version Control. –  Anthony Accioly May 13 '11 at 21:09

Faced that question times ago. As Anthony said, I enabled VCS and tried to import, but got "not a working copy" errors. Also excluded "out" folders come into VCS.

So the solution is to select "Share on subversion" from "VCS - Import" menu. There you can also add "trunk" catalog to Google Code SVN if you had to clear it before.

Then you got your project files in changes list. Commit it.

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