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I'm currently working on my Computer Engineering final year project.

I have to implement a VoIP and text messaging system (similar functionality to Whatsapp, with the addition of voice services) consisting of clients and a server (i.e. I have to develop the client software as well as the server software).

The client software has to be implemented on Android and the server software has to be implemented on .NET (using C++) and the client-server connection will be done over Wi-Fi. So ,basically, the setup will consist of a server app running on a PC and a wireless access point allowing the clients (Android phones) to connect to the server, no PSTN stuff or anything like that. Just the Android phones, a PC hosting the server and a wireless router.

For now I'm looking at the server development, specifically the messaging functionality. Some of the functions I will need for the messaging part (server side):

-Register clients on the server.

-Keep contact lists for clients.

-keep presence information for clients.

-Route messages between clients.

-Update clients with presence information of other clients.

What protocols should I consider for the messaging part? My research so far points to XMPP but there doesn't seem to be much out there for C++ specifically. Most of the stuff I saw was for Java or C#, and it was mainly for client development. The C++ libraries that I had a look at (gloox, txmpp) don't seem to be widely used. Would it be a good idea to implement my own mechanisms for the five functions listed above or should I use a standard protocol and standard libraries and if so, which ones? I plan to use Visual Studio to develop the server. Thanks!

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