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In android, you define permissions for gps, sms sending, location , .., in the manifest file. Is there anythiing similiar in the iOS, so the user would know what capabilities of the phone some app uses before instalation? Or is the user warned during app use when some function wants to use something (e.g. gps, sms...)?

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In iOS you declare your application requirements in its manifest-like Info.plist. But this information is not used to ask user permission, only for ensuring device compatibility.

Only Notifications and Location Services require user permission, which is automatically asked to the user the very first time your application attempt to use the corresponding API.

My guess is that many other permissions are already granted via the Apple Store license agreement, that the user must have accepted, unlike Android (I guess you can install an app without using the market isnt? which changes a lot from a legal point of view)

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There's no such things as permissions on iPhone.

The only thing that user is warned about is when application uses his current location - then user is prompted with system alert and must explicitly allow or deny application's access to location data.

What concerns sms and email, they can be created and sent only via standard controllers so user will be aware of that anyway

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