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I got badly stuck with duplicate validation call when working with recaptcha on one of my ASP.NET forms, problem was logically there was no way to make sure Page.Validate() is called and called only once, recaptcha returns false if Page.IsValid is called without Page.Validate() and there is no Property on Page or Control to find out if Validate() is called.

I found a workaround for it: How to determine whether page was validated?, but I believe this is an important property and should be available.

Any thoughts why this Property is not made available?

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To answer your question I'll forward you to the excellent answer on a similar question: get the value of non public member.

But if you think this is really important property, you could implement your own Validated and bind your validation logic to it. E.g. you could override both Validate methods in the Page class for this:

public class MyPage : Page
    public bool Validated { get; private set; }

    public override void Validate(string validationGroup)
        this.Validated = true;

    public override void Validate()
        this.Validated = true;
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