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I wonder, if a user request an ASP.NET Page (with .aspx) extension, how does IIS identifies that it needs to server .aspx/.php/.html or any other page?


When a first request is sent out from client's web browser, what happens at back end, till the web page is served at the client's end?

Let me know if any query/doubt

Thanks (in advance)!

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Look into how HTTP works. –  Bala R Apr 28 '11 at 18:49

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File extensions are mapped to ISAPI filters.


When a request for a certain mapping is received, IIS essentially defers the processing to the given ISAPI filter. This is very similar to the Fast CGI process used by Apache.

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IIS uses handlers to process non-html content. Handlers are mapped using the extension of the file being requested (i.e. aspnet_isapi.dll for aspx/asmx/etc).

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Right click on Website -goto properties->Vetrualdirectory->Application Mapping->click Configuration.. button->under applicationmapping you will find all isapi with file name extension ex:aspx-aspnet_isapi used to serve the page. You could also try by changing the name of file extension and map the file extension with any isapi extension

regards radhe shyam

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