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I have a SQL script that has four columns and about 100 records. I only need two columns. I want to transfer the two columns into my seeds.rb file so that I can have these records in my db when I deploy my app. What would be the easiest way possible to do this? How would it look in my seeds.rb file?

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The first thing to do is get the database in the format you want, and then create a database dump of some sort. MySQL makes this easier than Sqlite. Put the INSERT statements into your file like this:

 ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute("INSERT INTO `example` (`abbreviation`,`name`)
   ('ABC', 'Alphabet Broadcasting Company'),
   ('DEF', 'Denver Echo Factory'),
   ('GHI', 'Gimbal Helper Industries')

Although seeds.rb is a handy way of pre-populating certain critical things, like essential administrators or lookup tables for countries, it does become difficult to maintain over time as seeds.rb must always conform to the latest schema.

It may be easier to simply deploy a seed Sqlite file and migrate that instead. With MySQL you typically deploy and load in a seed database dump to get things started, then migrate and enhance as required.

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Thanks. I actually just ended up copy and pasting what I wanted into seeds.rb. It was only 100 records... not too bad ;) –  Justin Meltzer Apr 28 '11 at 20:12

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