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I am sorry for my bad English, but I am from Czech Republic. Thanks for understand.

Hi, I am programming simple calculator in J2ME Polish. I created buttons by using object List (J2ME Polish, template accessible) and now I need put in display some textfield for typing terms. But I do not know how I do that. Object List does not support this:


So I have all buttons and now I only need some TextField, but it is problem for me. Thanks for any help. Peter.

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Instead of using a List you should trying using a Form. This would allow you to append the TextField at the start and ether create a TableItem of possible buttons you can press or use various StringItem objects and clever styling, such as the midp2 view-type.

If I was creating a calculator I would try to use the midp2 view-type approach. This will mean the buttons will scale across the width of the screen. In terrible untested sudo-like code I might do:

//#style calcForm
Form calc = new Form( Locale.get( "calc.title" )); // See the use of J2ME Polish's [Localization][5]
calc.append( myInputField );
calc.append( plusOperator );

Where the css for the style might be:

/* Simple white to black gradient background, using midp2 view type styling */
.calcForm {
    padding: 2;
    padding-left: 10;
    padding-right: 10;
    background {
        type: vertical-gradient; /* See how I have added a little gradient background here*/
            top-color: red;
            bottom-color: black;
           start: 25%;
           end: 100%;
    layout: horizontal-expand | horizontal-center | vertical-center;
    view-type: midp2;

Using the TableItem method will mean the buttons may not always fit on smaller screens, but you might it find quicker to implement. In terrible untested sudo-like code I might do:

    TableItem calcButtons = new TableItem(4, 4); //16 block table 4 by 4
    calcButtons.add(0,0, "1");                    //Don't trust my 0,0 indexing I sometimes forget
    calcButtons.setItemCommandListener( myViewObj ); //Or whatever is managing the object, it could be the MIDlet

Form calc = new Form( Locale.get("calc.title"));

Anyway I hope that you find some of this useful and that you can see how some of the other J2ME Polish features work.

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