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I have a problem with jQuery migration from 1.2.6 to 1.3.2 in my project. The intellisense for jQuery in VS doesn't work.

To test this issue I created new project, added jQuery to master page, built solution and checked intellisense - works OK.

After this I deleted in solution this files:

  • jquery-1.2.6.js
  • jquery-1.2.6.min.js
  • jquery-1.2.6.min-vsdoc.js
  • jquery-1.2.6-vsdoc.js

And added this:

  • jquery-1.3.2.js
  • jquery-1.3.2.min.js
  • jquery-1.3.2.min-vsdoc.js
  • jquery-1.3.2-vsdoc.js

I've corrected jQuery link in master page and build solution - intellisense for jQuery doesn't work.

What I have missed?

I use VS2008 SP1, MVC RC1.

UPDATE: Now all work OK. I don't sure about solution but I think intellisense was repared when I opened all js files in VS.

SOLUTION The reason was the conflict between jquery and jquery.ui I've created empty vsdoc file for jquery.ui and the problem is eliminated. I found this solution here: http://arahuman.blogspot.com/2009/02/error-updating-jscript-intellisense.html

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Please supply your references headers in your .js file and your master page <script> tags and how you have them setup. –  Ayo Feb 24 '09 at 16:51

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Actually, you have to install a new intellisense file. Check this out.

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Yes, I've dowloaded new file from jQuery site. –  Dmitry44 Feb 24 '09 at 17:52

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