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I am trying to connect to a clients ftps server via my java code. I am using apache commons library to do so. However, I am not able to do so. Can anyone please help me with this.

The client server uses FTPS/Implicit SSL connection and uses Passive mode for data Connections.

My code is as follows:

public static void connectServer(String host, int port, String userName, String password) throws Exception {
    FTPSClient client = new FTPSClient("SSL", true);
    String remote = "Contact.xml";

    File inFile = new File("C:/Documents/Applications/Contact.xml");
    File outFile = new File("C:/Documents/Applications/Sample.xml");

    InputStream input = new FileInputStream(inFile);
    InputStream out = new FileInputStream(outFile);

    try {



        client.login(userName, password);



        client.storeFile(remote, input);
        out = client.retrieveFileStream("/folder/inputfeed.xml");


    } catch (Exception e) {

    } finally {

This code does not throw any exception, but I don't see the file being copied to server, neither any data being copied to my InputStream. Also, sysout statement for getting the working directory returns me the correct directory. I am also able to connect to server via Filezilla and WinSCP.

Please help, I am getting stuck with this.


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Why are you entering passive mode before login()?

I suspect that could be the issue, because the symptoms are those of active mode, where the connection cannot be established due to FW rule DROP (not REJECT; when rejected the exception is thrown right away, but DROP can hang forever).

P.S. Also, not clear what is "remote" passive mode; the only one that makes difference is "local".

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thanks a lot for the reply...I am a newbee with this. I did changed my code to move passive mode after login and removed remote passive mode, but no change in the result. My file is still not trasferred and I don't see anything while retreiving the remote file – Vivek Apr 28 '11 at 21:59

enterRemotePassiveMode(); is used only for server to server connections, not client to server. Remove that line.

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client.connect(host,990); Why are using the hardcoded port number? I suggest you change this line to use the port number passed to you function/method

For reasons that I did not have time to look at you code hangs and this line


before the server disconnects it. I am not sure if you are not getting the exception or you are just not waiting long enough for you code to throw the exception

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You need to check status after each client(socket) method. Especially after client.connect() and client.login().


client.connect(host, 990);

If the method failed (error), the getReplyString() is usually very descriptive about what you did wrong.

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