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let's say I run this query in Mongoose:

Room.find({}, function(err,docs){


This doesn't work!

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Sorting in Mongoose has evolved over the releases such that some of these answers are no longer valid. As of the 4.1.x release of Mongoose, a descending sort on the date field can be done in any of the following ways:

Room.find({}).sort('-date').exec(function(err, docs) { ... });
Room.find({}).sort({date: -1}).exec(function(err, docs) { ... });
Room.find({}).sort({date: 'desc'}).exec(function(err, docs) { ... });
Room.find({}).sort({date: 'descending'}).exec(function(err, docs) { ... });
Room.find({}).sort([['date', -1]]).exec(function(err, docs) { ... });
Room.find({}, null, {sort: '-date'}, function(err, docs) { ... });
Room.find({}, null, {sort: {date: -1}}, function(err, docs) { ... });

For an ascending sort, omit the - prefix on the string version or use values of 1, asc, or ascending.

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The correct answer is:

Blah.find({}).sort({date: -1}).execFind(function(err,docs){

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Thank you, that helped! – NiKo Jan 24 '12 at 7:18
the updated sort syntax for the example above is: sort('-date') – emilebaizel Oct 31 '12 at 20:14

Been dealing with this issue today using Mongoose 3.5(.2) and none of the answers quite helped me solve this issue. The following code snippet does the trick

Post.find().sort('-posted').find(function (err, posts) {
    // user posts array

You can send any standard parameters you need to find() (e.g. where clauses and return fields) but no callback. Without a callback it returns a Query object which you chain sort() on. You need to call find() again (with or without more parameters -- shouldn't need any for efficiency reasons) which will allow you to get the result set in your callback.

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See if this helps > How to sort in mongoose?

Also read this >

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That 1st method doesn't work. It just hangs...I think it's because of an update in mongoose.... And the 2nd method is just the mongo docs, which I know about. – TIMEX Apr 28 '11 at 23:25
The find() function is MongoDB's function, not Mongoose. Please read Mongoose API page for more details You can use the syntax defined in MongoDB docs with Mongoose. That's why Mongoose doesn't have its own sorting or intersect queries. – nEEbz Apr 29 '11 at 10:40
Post.find().sort({date:-1}, function(err, posts){

Should work as well

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I do this:

Data.find( { $query: { user: req.user }, $orderby: { dateAdded: -1 } } function ( results ) {

This will show the most recent things first.

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