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i have a user defined control that i call in my aspx page. I want to change its attributes on the vb.net code side. top of aspx page control -

<%@ Register Src="lightbox.ascx" TagName="abc" TagPrefix="uc1" %>
Calling the control in body -
<uc1:abc ID="abc" runat="server" />

vb.net page_load -

If Session("ased") = True Then
                abc.Attributes.Add("Visible", "true")
                abc.Attributes.Add("Visible", "false")
            End If

On debug mode I see that code does change values according to session but on the control does not pick up the "false" or "true" attribute. I shows the control anyways.

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For server side controls, you should be able to use Visible property

    If Session("ased") = True Then
            abc.Visible = True
            abc.Visible = False
        End If

if you really have to use the attribute, you should be using "display"

    If Session("ased") = True Then
            abc.Attributes.Add("display", "block")
            abc.Attributes.Add("display", "none")
        End If
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