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I've looked everywhere on this.

basically what I have is a script that changes the value of some fields based on a radio selection.

For example: Think of it like a radio button that gets credit card data. it works initially when the page loads and selects a radio. It will correctly load the data of that radio button.

Now when I choose to edit the fields manually, using it like a "new card" form, if I change my mind and go to select a presaved card, it will no longer update those fields I edited manually. It will completely ignore my request for it to change values via my javascript code that was just previously working. Note: It will actually still continue to work for any fields I left alone *did not manually type into/edit

so I was just wondering who else had that problem and what one does to fix it.

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Any examples of source code? –  Triztian Apr 29 '11 at 1:18
Can't help without showing some code. I think i understand what you are saying, but without looking at some code, it's hard to tell whats going wrong. –  Matt Apr 29 '11 at 1:20

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I am not sure if I understand exactly but I'll take a shot. My suggestion would be set apply a css class like "is-dirty" to the field once it has been updated and then you check to see if a given field has that class before updating it.

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