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I had set up ignore rules on my bin / object folders for my project. I then tried to do an add on all the other files with svn add * . It seemed as if the ignore only applies to the svn status command so all my bin and object folder contents showed up. Now I have not done a commit on the list, but when I do an svn status I see all those nasty files ready to go when I send that command. Is there a way to remove them from that list or clear that list completely? Also, what is that list called? Thanks in advance!

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svn revert bin

Would remove the bin directory from being added at the next commit.

Or if you would like to recursively revert (sometimes useful)

svn revert -R bin
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You should revert the added files that you don't want committed.

To ignore those folders in the future, add them to the svn:ignore list of the parent folder. Read all about ignoring unversioned items here.

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If you have TortoiseSVN installed, you can use the explorer right-click menu context: TortoiseSVN, Unadd.

Note: You'll only see unadd if, like in your case, you've tagged folder/file to be added.

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