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Is it possible to add a blog system like toto ou jekyll to an existing Rails 3 app?


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So long as the blog is a Rack app, you can mount it in the router. See Yehuda Katz' excellent post for details.

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Yup, Toto and RubySlippers I know can be integrated into a Rails 3 app.

If you want a nice, hackable pure ruby & rack blog:

It uses git to manage versioning of your posts and publishing as well. It is built to get a free blog going on heroku in record time!

gem install ruby-slippers-engine

  • Template system (by separating business and presentation)
  • Ruby 1.8 and 1.9
  • Fully tested with Riot, protest the slow test!
  • Includes comments via discus, tagging, markdown, archives and more

~ note: I am the author of RubySlippers and a contributor to Toto

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