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I tried to incorporate the following into SSRS but failed.

If XXX = “A” then display “AT”

Else if XXX = “B” then display “BEE”

Else if XXX = “C” then display “CAR”

Else display “Other”

I tried

  Fields!XXX.Value = "A", "AT", 
  Fields!XXX.Value = "B", "BEE",
  Fields!XXX.Value = "C", "CAR", "Other")
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You almost had it. For every output in the Switch function must be paired with a condition. Just make your last condition evaluate to True.

  Fields!XXX.Value = "A", "AT", 
  Fields!XXX.Value = "B", "BEE",
  Fields!XXX.Value = "C", "CAR", 
  True, "Other"
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You want something like this:

=iif(Fields!XXX.Value = "A", "AT", iif(Fields!XXX.Value = "B", "BEE", iif(Fields!XXX.Value = "C", "CAR", "Other")))

[check the parens in the expression builder]

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