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How can I do a redirect to another action, and get the form fields to be filled in on the new action?

I have an action and I want to call redirect() something like:


Which should redirect to my Search action, and the form in that action should get the last_name parameter filled in. That action has code like so:

public function executeSearch(sfWebRequest $request)
   $this->form = new SearchForm();
   $submission = $request->getParameter($this->form->getName());
   ...do stuff with $submission...

The SearchForm has the name format 'Search[%s]'.

Nothing I've tried for the parameter to redirect() has worked. The Search[] parameters always get messed up in some way and will not populate the form.

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I would try to get Symfony to generate the URL for you based on the route and parameters:

@search = a route for your search action in your routing.yml

$parameters = array of the parameters you want to pass

$url = $this->generateUrl('search', $parameters);

The array of parameters should take the following format...

'Search[something1]' => 'value1'
'Search[something2]' => 'value2'

... so the URL takes them as:


You should then be able to use...

(for binding)

... and probably even...

(for populating for a template)

Hope that helps or at least gives you some ideas.

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Yes! Thank you. I had not seen that generateUrl() method before. Creating URLs with the routing in Symfony gives me more fits than anything else in the framework. –  matt May 3 '11 at 19:28

Try this solution.

Another method is to store submission data in user session.

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