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Is there a way for me to call a javascript method from code-behind that takes two arguments/values? Please check the following code:

private void ddl_Eval_SelectedIndexChanged (Object sender, System.EventArgs e)

    dtEval = new DataTable();
    dtEval = data.GetEvaluation2();
    DataView dvEval = dtEval.DefaultView;

    string xmlDoc = String.Empty;

    foreach (DataRowView drvEval in dvEval)
        if (drvEval.Row["EvaluationID"].ToString() == ddl_Eval.SelectedValue.ToString())
            xmlDoc = drvEval.Row["EvalAnswers"].ToString();

    XDocument xdoc = new XDocument();
    xdoc = XDocument.Parse(xmlDoc);

    foreach (XElement child in xdoc.Root.Elements("Answer"))
        //Response.Write(child.Attribute("item").Value + " " + child.Value + "<br />");

        //OF THE ATTRIBUTE "item" AND THE VALUE OF THE child node itself.



And here's the XML string:

  <Answer item="ddl_3">A</Answer>
  <Answer item="ddl_8">A</Answer>
  <Answer item="ddl_13">Y</Answer>
  <Answer item="ddl_16">Y</Answer>
  <Answer item="ddl_19">Y</Answer>
  <Answer item="ddl_22">N</Answer>
  <Answer item="ddl_26">Y</Answer>
  <Answer item="ddl_30">N</Answer>
  <Answer item="ddl_34">Y</Answer>
  <Answer item="ddl_38">N</Answer>
  <Answer item="ddl_42">StarLight</Answer>

And this is the page wherein I want javascript to change the selected values of the select controls. Screenshot

Is it possible? I want to send those two arguments/values so that javascript can change the selected values of the <select> controls I have on the page.

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changing a data list


foreach (XElement child in xdoc.Root.Elements("Answer"))

You don't need JavaScript -- I would code it like this:


foreach (XElement child in xdoc.Root.Elements("Answer"))
       Response.Write(@"<answer item="""+child.Value+@""">"+child.Attribute("item").Value+"</answer>");


Also, modern html style is to have all tags lower case (xml requires it.)

You should use this.Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock(key, script);

It might look something like this:

 this.Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("some unique name",@"
<script language=""JavaScript"">
   alert(""Hi, I'm some client script!"");
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Where do I need to put this block of code? And how will I be able to call it inside the foreach (XElement child in xdoc.Root.Elements("Answer")) loop? –  Rome Apr 29 '11 at 1:36
Please modify your question to show what the exact output you want. –  Hogan Apr 29 '11 at 1:45
@Hogan: yep, thanks for the reply. Please see my updated question. :) thanks. –  Rome Apr 29 '11 at 2:00
@Rome, answer has been updated. –  Hogan Apr 29 '11 at 2:10
@Hogan: thanks, I read your updated answer. Uhm, I don't want to write my result as Xml, what I want is for me to change the selected values on the Screenshot link I provided earlier, based on the values from the Xml. –  Rome Apr 29 '11 at 2:18

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