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I want to know how to remove space in a string.For Example take a string a= "Hello World". Once the whitespace is found then "Hello" and "World" Should be Separated and get stored in separate Strings. Like b="Hello" and c="World". It is possible to do this.Can anyone help me.Thanks in advance.

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Just to clarify in case it is unclear, the below examples of string.Split() are returning string arrays (string[]). –  Jeff Swensen Apr 29 '11 at 1:44
So, are you trying to remove spaces, or are you trying to parse out tokens delimited by spaces? –  Jonathan Wood Apr 29 '11 at 1:44

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Do a

  var words = a.Split(' ');

This will return an array with each word in one

foreach(var word in words)

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Simply use in-build split functionality:

string a= "Hello World"
var words = a.Split(' ');
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Use string.Split:

string[] words = "Hello World".Split(' ');
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If performance is important, you can probably outperform String.Split() using code like this here.

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string cname = "Hong Kong";
cname = Regex.Replace(cname, @"\s", "-");

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