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I need to add a custom soap header to an out going soap message in a spring ws 2.0 client.

I am using a client interceptor as follows.....

public class MyWebServiceClientInterceptor implements ClientInterceptor {

    private QName qname = new QName(WEB_SERVICE_NAMESPACE, SOAP_HEADER_PART);
    private String testText = "<userName>myUser</userName><role>everything</role>";

    public boolean handleRequest(MessageContext context) throws WebServiceClientException {
        SoapMessage soapMessage = (SoapMessage) context.getRequest();
        SoapHeader soapHeader = soapMessage.getSoapHeader();
        SoapHeaderElement newHeader = soapHeader.addHeaderElement(qname);
        return true;

I have confirmed the interceptor is called, but the header doesn't seem to get added. Am I meant to be doing some sort of "commit" to apply the header to the message ????

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No, you don't need to do some type of commit. I do more or less the same thing (although I call it from inside the sendAndRecieve method of WS Template:

            SoapMessage soapMessage = (SoapMessage) message;
        SoapHeader soapHeader = soapMessage.getSoapHeader();
        QName qname = QNameUtils.createQName(...,...);
        SoapHeaderElement element = soapHeader.addHeaderElement(qname);

Have you tried turning on message logging to see what the message acutally looks likes when it is sent out?

You can do this by creating a and adding these lines:
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