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Is it possible to search for a particular string in PDF using any programming language without converting it to a text or doc file. I want to search for a string directly without converting it, I tried to convert it to text and then search for the string but it gave me wrong result.

Thanks! Kim

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Docotic.Pdf library can be used for your task. Please see my answer for similar question.

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1) Create your own PDF "parser":

Probably could be minimal if you just need text data and not any of the formatting.

2) Find a library in your language of choice that can "natively" read .pdfs (tons of them out there).

3) use a pre-built tool (like pdf2text or pdfgrep):

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If your requirement is to search a for a word and replace it, you can go for Aspose.pdf.Kit

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Poppler contains tools to extract text from a pdf document. Use it to search on documents.

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In Java and C#, you can do that with iText, if the pdf file is not locked.

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