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On clicking of the HyperLink , i am calling the below function


The issue is that , with the above line , only one time Hyper Link click is working (That is if another hyper link is clicked , no window is being opened up)

But if i remove the parameters for window.open and simply use


Then on click of every Hyperlink a new window is being opened.

Please adivce .

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Please show HOW you call this code. If you have onclick="window.open(" then the quotes are wrong. If you reuse the "name" which is not a good name for a window, it may go behind. try '_blank' instead –  mplungjan Apr 29 '11 at 5:39

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Change the name of each window per link so the window opened on initial click won't be re-used.

I'm guessing that clicking on other links opens the links on the initial/currently opened pop-up and causes confusion that it doesn't open new windows.

// first window to open

// opens in the same window where first.html is opened because 
// it targets the same window called `name`

// this works because by default it will open a new one everytime it is executed

// opens a window with unique name 
window.open("<%=forHyperLink%>",'name_' + Math.random(),'height=600,width=800');
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Than you for your suggestions , i want to open the sam epage by clicking on the hyper links , how can i chnage the name of the HTML Page ?? –  Kiran Apr 29 '11 at 6:15
you could add some random numbers to change the window name and make it unique for each e.g. window.open("<%=forHyperLink%>",'name_' + Math.random(),'height=600,width=800'); let me update my answer for that. –  tradyblix Apr 29 '11 at 6:19
Thank you very much , it was a very nice solution . –  Kiran Apr 29 '11 at 6:23

You can use window.open("<%=forHyperLink%>",'name_'+(new Date()).getTime(),'height=600,width=800');

'name_'+(new Date()).getTime() will be changed at each window opened

oNewWindow = window.open( [sURL] [, sName] [, sFeatures] [, bReplace])

Please find the detail of window.open from the following link


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