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HI, I searched a lot but not getting the exact answer.I am making the Restaurant Application as same like chipotleenter link description here app in iphone. I completed up to creating order now the problem i don't know how to process for the credit card how to use payment gateway other then PayPal also i don't want to open web view for payment. Also website is available with the payment gateway .User can order from the website also.I don't know how to complete order payment from the application.My application is same like as chipotle app so can anyone help me how the payment done in chipotle app.Because i searched a lot about in-app purchase but it is not supported for physical ordering.Please if this information is not complete to answer me let me know i will give you more information.Moreover the clue is i want to make application same like Chipotle app but not getting how they make payment from app.


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Hello everyone please i really stuck on this above my question so please give me the solution i think my question is very clear and understandable.the same thing like chipotle app. please provide me some grate solution.i am waiting for your responses..Thank You. – prathamiphone May 3 '11 at 8:55

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