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I want to be able to diff all my app.config files that resides in folders called MessagingService. I have read the documentation on the tf.exe about 50 times now, and I can't understand that the syntax should be different than:

tf.exe treediff $/myproject/main $/myproject/prod /filter:"app.config;MessagingService\" /r

but this leaves no results. As far as I can understand the folder inclusion mask does not behave as expected, because the following line works fine:

tf.exe treediff $/myproject/main $/myproject/prod /filter:"app.config;!MessagingService\" /r

but of course it displays only the app.configs I'm not interested in :)

Any enlightening comments are highly appreciated.

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try this one ...

tf.exe treediff $/myproject/main $/myproject/prod /filter:"app.config;*MessagingService*\" /r

I believe stars are needed after and before MessagingService word because "app.config" IS the entire filename but MessagingService word IS NOT the entire path value, it is just a part of the actual file path.

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thanks, but it doesn't seem to work in my case. When I use /filter:"app.config" I get many diffs, for instance $/myproject/Main/Accounting/MessagingService/App.config - $/myproject/prod/Accounting/MessagingService/App.config but when adding the folder with wildcards as you suggested, I get none. –  Snorre May 5 '11 at 4:08

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