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I want to use valgrind massif to figure out the heap memory used by 7-Zip. When I run massif on 7-Zip, it produces no output. Here's the command.

valgrind --tool=massif /usr/bin/7z a filename.7z filename

I would expect an output file named within the current directory but no such output is produced. I should add that, using massif on other compression tools like gzip, bzip2, compress, etc. produces a file.

I also used valgrind -v and there is no helpful information there either.

Any thoughts on why this doesn't work for 7-Zip?

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/usr/bin/7z is a wrapper script.

#! /bin/sh
exec /usr/lib/p7zip/7z "$@"

Try running

valgrind --tool=massif /usr/lib/p7zip/7z a filename.7z filename


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Yes it works, didn't realise it was a /usr/bin/7z is a shell script. It also explains why when you do valgrind --tool=massif 7z a filename.7z filename it gives the error /bin/sh: Can't open 7z. Thanks @Mikel. – skuruppu Apr 30 '11 at 4:16

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