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I'm new to FullCalendar. In my project, I need to show Calendar with time range and allocated participants for each training center for each day. To be more precise, a day can have many training slot that will be conducted by training center. So, I would like to show which training center is allocated to which time ranges and the number of available slot. Recently, I saw FullCalendar control can show time and events. For my case, I want to add links(one will go to editing of training slot and another link will go to editing of training participants.) How can i done this?

with thanks, Thura

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You can add buttons to the calendar; look at this utoob flick


That was my calendar and the code and explanation is found here

JQuery full calendar, how to change view

You will have to insert buttons manually- There is no way of doing it out of the box with fullcalnedar.

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Thanks for the reply, ppumkin. I'm now changing fullCalendar into manually created calendar. –  Kyaw Thura May 6 '11 at 0:28
 eventRender: function (event, element) {
                //element.find('.fc-event-inner').append("<p>" + event.description + "</p>");
                if (event.innerHtml != null)


and send the innerHtml inside the event object.

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