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I have a requirement where in I need to place an aspect around an internal method call, by internal I mean

class Person{ 
        public void outerMethod()
          // Need an aspect here !!
          public void internalMethod() 

I am aware that this is not possible using conventional spring aop, does native aspectj provide a facility for this ? and can I have pointers for the same

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Sure thing:

// match the call in outerMethod
pointcut callInnerMethod() : call(* Person.internalMethod(..));


// match innerMethod itself
pointcut executeInnerMethod() : execution(* Person.internalMethod(..));

You can combine either of these with before, after or around advices:

void before() : callInnerMethod() /* or executeInnerMethod() */ {
    // do something here

void around() : callInnerMethod() /* or executeInnerMethod() */{
    // do something here
    // do something else here

void after() returning() : callInnerMethod() /* or executeInnerMethod() */{
    // do something here

Note this is traditional aspectj-Syntax, the one you use in .aj files. You can also use all of these constructs with different Syntax in @AspectJ .java syntax.

Please consult the AspectJ Quick Reference or read AspectJ in Action

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I'll just add an answer to my own question.

The most important thing is this cannot be achieved through spring aop,

It can be achieved by aspectJ , when I tried out loadtime weaving of aspectj it did not seem to provide a solution. (This is not completely researched) ... What i found was that it placed as aspect around the object .. so all calls made through the object invoked the aspect, however internal calls did not invoke the aspect

Only compile time weaving can resolve this.

the same question is asked here too

Thanks Sudarshan

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Why can't load-time weaving handle this? – Ladlestein Apr 29 '11 at 17:56
Modified my answer :) , any answer to your comment/question are welcome – Sudarshan May 2 '11 at 5:13
Load-time weaving with Spring should work. If you saw an Aspect 'around the object' that makes me wonder if load-time weaving wasn't functioning for some reason and Spring defaulted to it's normal AOP. – Brad Cupit May 28 '13 at 15:59

Reference to this documentation and use execution or call pointcuts and around advice. As far as you described your task they perfectly suit your needs.

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