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In PHP, is there an easy way to get the first and last date of a month?

How can we find First and last day of a date?

I have a date "01/05/2011". i am getting this date dynamically. so i like to know the last day of this date. like '31 or 30 or 28 or 29'.

i want to find it using php...

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echo date('t', strtotime('01/05/2011'));

should do the trick

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This function may help you :

function lastday($month = '', $year = '')
       if (empty($month)) {
          $month = date('m');
       if (empty($year)) {
          $year = date('Y');
       $result = strtotime("{$year}-{$month}-01");
       $result = strtotime('-1 second', strtotime('+1 month', $result));
       return date('Y-m-d', $result);

Call like

$month = 3;
$year = 2011;
$lastDay = $this->lastday($month, $year);

That will give you the last day of the March 2011......

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