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I am new bee in Android , so the knowledge regarding android is not so vast, Ok lets come to the point, I need to make a login by username and password, for that I have to make http requset by JSON and in return the response will also come in JSON. So can anyone can HELP me please in it. THANKS.

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Try out this code

Button show_data;
JSONObject my_json_obj;
String path,firstname,lastname;
path = "";
    HttpClient client = new DefaultHttpClient();
    HttpConnectionParams.setConnectionTimeout(client.getParams(), 10000);
    HttpEntity  entity;
    HttpResponse response = null;
    HttpURLConnection urlconn;
    my_json_obj = new JSONObject();
        urlconn = (HttpURLConnection) new URL(path).openConnection();

        OutputStreamWriter writer = new OutputStreamWriter(urlconn.getOutputStream(), "UTF-8");

my_json_obj.put("sUserName", "test2");
      my_json_obj.put("sPassword", "123456");


            String temp;
            temp = WebRequestCall(my_json_obj);
            //Log.i("Reply", temp);
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I guess it is more the other way 'round: you send JSON data over HTTP.

Have a look at HttpURLConnection and the org.json.* classes.

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