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I have made a Android streaming application that plays media from online URL's. For playing the media, I am using the standard MediaPlayer class for playing media.

As per the Android documentation, it supports RTSP protocol for audio & video playback


But when I am trying to play media from a RTSP URL, it gets connected but I am not able to hear any media

Following is one of those RTSP URL -


Does anybody media have an idea of playing RTSP URL's through the Android MediaPlayer


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That link you provided has 3 audio tracks, with the first and last tracks appearing to be silent and don't contain any valid audio. The middle track has audio (as per VLC). I don't know how Android deals with multiple audio tracks. I imagine you may get better results if you use links that only contain 1 audio and 1 video track at most. I expect for an rtsp stream with multiple audio tracks, android is only going to play the first one as there is no user interface to select a specific audio stream, hence why you aren't hearing any audio. If this is a stream from your own server, to hear the audio you should adjust the SDP file the valid audio track first. If this is not from your server, I don't know what you're options are.

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How are you able to determine how many audio tracks an RTSP url has? –  Nadewad May 31 '11 at 23:59

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