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I'd like to access the internal user directory of a Websphere Portal 6.1 server from outside (say, from a LDAP-Browser on the same machine). Is there a LDAP interface that is usable for that?

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WebSphere Portal by default uses a database user registry until you actually configure security.

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Thank you for that clarification. –  Zeemee May 17 '11 at 12:14

Just found out the the file is stored in the following path \profiles\\config\cells\\fileRegistry.xml

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A very good LDAP Browser workfing on top of java on both Linux and Windows is Apache Directory Studio an Eclipse based LDAP browser and directory client.

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There is not a LDAP interface to see the interanl user registry of WebSPhere. As Far as I know this is a XML file store. Where this XML files is stired in the directory structure of WebSphere is something I don't know :-)

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