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I have a certain nsstring property declared in a variable, it is used to do store a text string when i am performing a parsing operation. As this parsing operation happens mulitple times, the Nsstring property changes bizzardly to any random data type and crashing my application. This happens when i try to compare the property with other local variable which is also string. But by the time i compare, the appdelegate variable has already changed its data type, and hence crashes my app.

Any one ever come across such issue? If so, please guide me.

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Please add the console output in order we can help you. – Rubén E. Marín Apr 29 '11 at 8:55

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It is a sign that your NSString object has been deallocated so you send a message to a deallocated object. That crashes your application. The datatype changes because after an object is deallocated the memory it was placed in is not correct anymore and may contain a trash. You should use Run with Performance tool -> Leaks tool. It helps a lot in such cases. Please keep in mind that you should enable zombie object detection in settings. enter image description here

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I think KOS might be right. Though not using zombies, but after i changed my code, to explicitly release and create the variable every single time, the problem seems to have disappear. Thanks for the insight.. :) – SeriousSam May 3 '11 at 6:57

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