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Hi friends i am new for android to check debugging errors in android(eclipse) please help me.....

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google + logcat + eclipse ? – Selvin Apr 29 '11 at 10:24
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You can get all the debugging details from the Logcat. Just open Window-->Open Perspective-->DDMS then again open Window-->Show View-->LogCat

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I prefer reading the stack tree from logcat.

You open the logcat tab by doing:

Window -> Show View -> Other -> LogCat (from the list).

When you have the logcat up, you can click on the circle with a red E in the middle in the window's top right corner. This will filter the logcat messages to only show error messages.

But be warned, some stack trees give you incorrect information sometimes(example: last night, I had a nullpointerexception thrown because a thread hadn't initiated something. It referred me to a code-comment...). But I'm not whining, logcat is great!

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