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I'm working on configuring the iTerm terminal emulator for the Mac to do what I want. Apparently everything is done through what they call "bookmarks." OK, fine. I'm trying to create a bookmark that will open a tab, cd to a certain Rails project, and run the command script/server. What's supposed to happen is that this will launch the server daemon ("Mongrel") and I'll see the output scrolling by every time I look at that tab.

In the config dialog, under "command" I put script/server and under "working dir" I put the project directory.

What happens is that the tab appears for 1/10th of a second then vanishes.

Recalling a similar problem I had with the Unix screen command, I tried putting a "command" of bash -c 'script/server' but the result was identical.

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You're running into that problem because your script runs and then terminates. All you need to do is put a read or something equally sophisticated to say "Press any key to complete script and close window...." at the end of the script.


I wrote this test script:

$ cat echoscript 
echo "Hello world"
read text

I created a bookmark so:

name: test
command: /Users/chasrmartin/echoscript
Working directory: /Users/chasrmartin

When I open the bookmark test, I see my "Hello world", and it waits until I type return. When I type return, it goes away.

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I tried "script/server ; read text ;" and "bash -c 'script/server ; read text ;'" but got the same result. –  Ethan Feb 24 '09 at 20:16
Thanks for the update. Tried creating a bash script to launch the Ruby process and putting read text at the end. Got error saying "Rails requires RubyGems" etc. Your solution almost worked, but there's some environment issue I guess. –  Ethan Feb 25 '09 at 17:54
Yup, your ruby script is failing; up to now you couldn't tell because the window closed. I'm guessing you should read this: ruby-forum.com/topic/173983 –  Charlie Martin Feb 25 '09 at 18:54

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