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I am dynamically generating a layout thumbnail code for shindig, which will create a preview/thumbnail of the layout and place it inside a drop down menu.

The issue is, that if a div is put inside <ul/> or <li/> element , or for that matter any part of their hierarchy, it is converted to a yui-overlay or yui-menu itself.

Because of this, the layout previews are not appearing , and if by some way I do show them ,then click event for them is not being triggered.

Has anyone faced a similar issue before this? Or does someone has some insight into how can this be done??

Thanks, Neeraj

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Try to use a span with the style display: block instead. With this style, it behaves like a div but the overlay will probably leave it alone.

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The overlay converts the span into a yui-label.So this didn't work. –  Neeraj May 16 '11 at 6:41

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