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i'm wondering how to exclude certain members from one dimension that have links with other members from another dimension ... let's say i want to exclude clients (dim_clients) that have a status A OR a status B (dim_status). I know how to crossjoin the two dimensions to obtain those clients but i can't figure out how to exclude them from my calculation since the EXCEPT function accepts two sets from same dimensionality but the ones i want to exclude are the result of a crossjoin operation, i can't use the except function

i want something like this :

SELECT Measure.MyMeasure ON 0 


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SELECT Measure.MyMeasure ON 0
EXCEPT([DIM CLIENTS].[Clients], Filter({[DIM CLIENTS].[Clients]},[DIM_STATUS].CurrentMember IS [DIM_STATUS].statusA OR [DIM_STATUS].CurrentMember IS [DIM_STATUS].statusA))

I am not too sure what [Clients] is. I would use Members though.

Thanks Gaurav

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Thanks Gaurav :) –  Don Carnage Apr 29 '11 at 14:32

You can use the Extract() function to get the set of excluded clients with the right dimensionality:

where - Extract( { [EXCLUDED CLIENTS] }, [DIM CLIENTS].[Clients] )

Note the unary operator to perform the except operation.

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