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Hi am upgrading an application. My newer version of app should install over the older version. But the older version runs a windows service. I want to stop this service by overriding the OnBeforeInstall() method of Installer class & including the stopService code in it.

Hi I have a VS2005 set up project. Have included primary output of the Installer class to the custom actions of set up project.

But I want to bring this "Custom actions" before "InstallValidate" using ORCA tool.

I don't know how to identify my custom action in "Custom actions" table or "InstallExecuteSequence" table.

PLz help me.

Thanks I Advance.

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Try this:

  • in your setup project note the custom action name
  • open your MSI with Orca
  • select InstallExecuteSequence table
  • click the Action column to order the rows by name
  • find your action
  • modify its Sequence column value to be lower that InstallValidate sequence
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