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oauth_consumer_key     = c5676701706473430d016ac7dc58a0149333349e&
oauth_consumer_secret  = 90b7567665605fad847815949ce414f7078742d5&
oauth_signature_method = HMAC-SHA1&
oauth_timestamp        = 1304072442&
oauth_nonce            = kllo9940pd9333jh&
oauth_version          = 1.0

I guess you are in the Temporary Credentials step. This looks all kinds of wrong. You shouldn't send oauth_consumer_secret which is not even a spec parameter, you are not sending a oauth_callback, you are not sending an oauth_signature, and you are sending a GET instead a POST (or at least you are not providing your POST data, which you can get from Safari or Firefox+Firebug/liveHttpHeaders), which unless the server says otherwise (which could be the case, I don't know) is wrong. Anyway, the answer is in the RFC, which I spent a few days reading and now it's fading from my memory.

You should try to use a library, or re-read rfc5849.
Only if you want to understand OAuth, I suggest you read my oauth client: https://github.com/j4n0/oauth because it is an implementation easy to follow.

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