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I want to do something like this in my query:

 $query = $mysqldb->make_query("SELECT * FROM dvd WHERE
 NAME LIKE '%{$str_param}%' OR
 CATEGORY={$str_param} OR
 TYPE={$str_param} OR BOOK={$str_param} OR 

Where I will only use 1 parameter, and it will be compared to any of the fields. But I get this warning:

mysql_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given 

Please help, thanks in advance.

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You have an error in your query so make_query returns a FALSE instead of a resource.

Since str_param usually assumes a string, you should enclose it into single quotes:

 NAME LIKE '%{$str_param}%' OR
 CATEGORY='{$str_param}' OR
 TYPE='{$str_param}' OR BOOK='{$str_param}' OR 

Make sure you use mysql_real_escape_string on any user-provided data to avoid SQL injection.

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