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This may be a very elementary question, I apologize in advance. I need to interact with a device from a web app. More specifically a twain device. Currently I use a signed java applet for this. It generally works well; the signed applet works on multiple platforms and provides the device interaction needed. The issue I have is that applets do not seem to be long for the browser world, at least in allowing non-sandboxed access like this. I need to know what other options are available.
The requirements I would really like to meet are

  • can access local devices. Code signing certificate is not a problem.
  • is primarily web based. As long as it can be delivered via web, and be initiated via web app going forward, we are OK.
  • be cross platform. Currently I can use scanners on macs and PCs via twain, and linux machines via sane.

I am not familiar with technologies such as flash and silverlight. Are either of these viable options? Is anything?

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Right now I only know of ActiveX, Applet, or browser extensions that are available (just search the web, and pick the one that looks good to you). Pretty soon I'd imagine that Flash, and Silverlight options will be available, but I know of none as of right now.

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I hope you found an answer by now, but for all just stumbling across this check out Morena (link below). I'd suggest Morena 6 which is what I've been using. It supports TWAIN (Win/Mac) and SANE (Linux). There's also Morena 7 which supports WIA and ICA, so there's no Linux support and less options on the scanner interface.


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I did end up using Morena. Later on I saw this other one that looks promising. http://www.dynamsoft.com/Products/WebTWAIN_News.aspx

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Good to hear! I looked at WebTWAIN as well, but we didn't really consider it because of it running on ActiveX instead of something portable. Any luck with making the TWAIN interface appear above the browser window consistently? –  MaKR Dec 24 '13 at 15:46

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