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I am currently using the Data Merge functions of ID CS4 to import some data I have exported from a MySQL database. Although I can set ID to remove blank lines, this doesn't always work for my purpose because later lines contain data. As a result, there still appears whitespace in the outputted data.

Since I am using PHP to produce the CSV file, my question is this: is it possible for me to indicate an InDesign Paragraph Return character within the CSV file, so that the data can then in turn be imported and displayed as I wish.

For example, I have the tried the following examples, but nothing seems to work:

"12345", "Hardware\nTools"

"12345","Hardware \Z  Tools"

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

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According to this PDF, in IDML you can specify a "forced line break" by using &#x2028, or you can force a "Paragraph break" by using <br/>.

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for but you may be able to give it a try.

Hope this helps!

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Not sure why the first answer was accepted, as it is wrong.

Google still brings this thread in third position for "data merge indesign line break", so I thought I had to give a real anwser.

There is no magical character you can put in your CSV file to automatically generate line breaks in InDesign.

The Adobe Help for InDesign specifies :

You cannot insert a line break within a field in the data source file. If it’s necessary to split a field across different lines, create two different fields, such as <<Address1>> and <<Address2>>.

If your number of lines is variable or if you don't want to create extra columns just for some line breaks, there is only one solution :

  • Replace, in your CSV file, the line breaks by some specific character (¤ for example) that would act as a line separator.
  • Then, after the merge in InDesign, use the Find/Replace tool in the Edit Menu, in order to find your "line separator" and replace it back to a line break, that InDesign will understand.

I hope this will really help those who struggled like me with these line breaks in InDesign.

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