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I need to know the technology that we can use to develop the following thing.

The idea is that we have an object (let's say a Bicycle) and we want to modify it. We have a gallery with different objects like tires, brakes, etc. etc. we click and it gets installed. Furthermore we can test the modified Bicycle in a simulator for its performances (for example we add new tires and we have to check what will be the road grip).

Obviously this is not a simple thing and involves a lot of mathematics and detail data of each part (its dimensions, weight, physics).

My question is not how to implement it, but what technology will help me to develop this.

Other references I think of is Need for Speed Most Wanted. It lets you modify the car according to your style and do whatever you want with it.

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Very interesting project. I think what you are looking for is something like a "physics/mechanics simulation framework".I couldn't find any sophisticated "framework" itself but projects like the one you are going to develop.
You could have a look at this opensource project(RigsofRods) ,
and this(simspark) and may be CNC machine simulator.
Butterfly Effect is also a nice kinetics simulation project.

Edit : The project is more or less alike a game(with a lot of physics) as far as I understand. this stackoverflow and this are about better Game engines.

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